Wing Chair Cover Interior Treatment

Vintage Wingback Chair Ideas

People choose the cover of their wing chair for a variety of reasons. Furniture could be outdated, stained, damaged in some superficial way, or simply boring. Replacing or reupholstering your furniture is expensive, but making covers for something like a wing chair may seem too complex. It is an affordable way to bring old furniture to life and you do not even need a sewing machine. With the fabric, pins, and patience you can kiss your ugly goodbye chairs while adding style to your home and lengthening the life of the furniture you already own. When sewing covers, it is best to use solid fabrics. For this armchair project, it will be easier if they do not match the patterns and colors. It is best to choose inexpensive fabrics so that if they get dirty, they can be removed for cleaning or thrown away if necessary.

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Fabric stores carry many remains, which can be used to sew covers. If you are an experienced sleeve manufacturer, then do not hesitate to use more expensive fabrics in your project. There is no need to use a pattern for sewing ear-chair covers. The same piece of furniture will serve as the way to measure. The main idea is to cover the fabric on the wing chair modern, leaving room to put or sew. Pin the fabric to the chair and mark the edges of the fabric by cutting notches in each piece. This will help to align them with other pieces when you try to suture or Velcro together later. After measuring and notching their pieces, they lay on the floor or on a large surface so that they can match where the pieces are sewn.

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Then you can either sew the pieces together or simply convert the edges under Velcro and attach them. This method is much easier to use, especially when placing ear pieces and curved arms. Be sure to keep in mind where you want to attach them. Some pieces, it will be necessary that the Velcro is attached to the top of the fabric, while others will be glued to the bottom. Put the cover on the antique wing chair that aligns the fabric with the corresponding area of the chair. A skirt can be sewn and attached to the piece, even if the chair did not have a previous request. Simply measure around the bottom of the chair allowing additional fabric for folds or ruffles. Attach the piece with Velcro to the bottom of the chair fabric and the project is finished.

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