Variety Of Charm Vintage Coffee Table

Solid Rustic Wood Coffee Tables

Vintage coffee table – The industrial loft style interior design is currently super trendy. Whether for the living room, kitchen or bedroom, everyone is looking to decorate their rooms with the right furniture and art objects. The industrial coffee table is among the most popular furniture for the loft-style living room, thanks to its unparalleled raw charm, but also for the wide variety of very different looks it can offer us. Vintage or modern design, this chic and impolite living room table at the same time, adds an admirable organic texture to any contemporary interior! Discover its natural beauty through the gallery of 24 photos that follows, illustrating its varied faces!

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But yes, when we talk about varied faces, that’s exactly what we meant. The industrial coffee table is not only the one with raw wood top and black steel base, although this variant is currently quite popular. The coffee table in the former trunk metal trunk, for example, is married loft style lounge and can therefore be called industrial in the broad sense of the term. The one in the picture above is accompanied by a matching side table and a beautiful cowhide rug that underlines its superb design.

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Here is an industrial coffee table design that is practical and original at the same time! The table on wheels is a good idea when we often want to change places, according to our specific needs and our personal preferences. As a bonus, it has an unequaled industrial look – it looks like you’re in a factory or an old warehouse which is exactly the purpose of the industrial style decor! Tray which means tray in English is the name of this lacquered steel coffee table which is covered with a tray.

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Only she seems a little lost (except in a small living room) but as soon as it is put in the company of his little and big sister, she furnishes the living room brilliantly.  A great classic of design, it is even exposed to MoMA in New York: the glass coffee table with wheels by Gae Aulenti. It also exists with bike wheels but it is no longer a coffee table suddenly … It is available in many sizes, as a square 100 x 100 cm, 110 x 110 cm, 130 x 130 cm , 150 x 150 cm and rectangular in the dimensions 150 x 100 cm and 140 x 70 cm. What to adapt to all living room configurations. This coffee table is magic! Its retractable feet allow you to store it in the blink of an eye!

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