Varied, Striking, And Hilarious Swing Chair

Balcony Swing Chair

Hanging from the branch of a tree or installing in the middle of the garden, the swing chair is a timeless one. From its simple version with a single plank of wood to the multi-activity portico, the swing amuses children for long periods. Toboggan, rope ladder, carrycot, cabin or climbing wall, there are many options to create a complete outdoor game. The swing is also decadently deco version, with lines worked and colors in tune with the times, or wood and fabric for the little ones. Regardless of age and style, swinging in the air is always a simple and regressive pleasure, an opportunity to feel your wings grow.

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A swing in an ultra-graphic gaming room

This child’s playroom mixes black and white to color brilliantly, thanks to an accumulation of cushions with graphic patterns and bright colors, which accompany a minimalist black and white decor but in strong contrast. The walls of the attic, like a celestial vault, are dotted with black crosses, which are as many pop stars that animate the sky of this geometric world for children. The swings in this wide and uncluttered space allow children to swing from one end to the other without encountering obstacles. Playful and fun, this game room is also made to curl up among the cushions or under a tepee, and get inspired by the places.

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A swing in the industrial style for this office-workshop

This polished concrete floor with white walls and large windows is a loft whose industrial style is revisited in a contemporary way, to make it sober, functional and serene. The colors of wood and metal, as well as white, are accompanied by halftones for a subtle color, perfect to let the working head reflect. The offices inspired by the architect’s tables or even the craft furniture, are clear and broad plans. They respond in their functionality to large metal shelves sober and efficient. We love the metal locker drawers that come with them to archive. The swing embodies a moment of relaxation in this workspace.

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Scandinavian atmosphere with this swing in the living room

This living-dining room is imbued with Scandinavian style. The wood is very present with a beautiful floor as a decorative element in its own right, and furniture sometimes raw, sometimes repainted. The plant intervenes in this interior in small touches, echoing with the green color of the painted furniture. This green almond brings softness to this bright space. Some metal elements complete the Nordic style: a blackboard, an industrial luminaire, a copper clock and a metal basket. The swing intervenes with delicacy in the center of the room as a graceful decorative element.

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