Large Outdoor Planters Liven Up The Winter

Make Large Outdoor Planters

For many businesses, large outdoor planters are the secret to successfully navigating the bleak winter months. Winter is universally embraced until the holiday season comes and goes, that’s how it is. What was festive and fun quickly became bleak and sad when the New Year’s celebration was over. Fortunately, greenery can add a new perspective to the otherwise gloomy landscape. When used in beautiful outdoor plantation settings, they can brighten the mood of customers and staff.

Plants Improve Your Facility’s Appearance

Unless you live in a subtropical climate, winter death leaves an exterior landscape that looks lonely and sad. Dirty piles of snow, brown grass and flower beds, and a background of gray skies all contribute to the pervasive malaise and fatigue this year. Add some splash of vibrant growth, and you will be surprised at the differences that can occur. Imagine walking to the door of your office or business, and not gray and brown, you can see greenery, grow. This greeting can pump life and new energy into the look and feel of your facility.

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Using Outdoor Planters in Your Business

You can adopt various creative strategies to beautify your business with outdoor planters. If you have an outside entrance or sidewalk, consider coating both sides with a container. Or place large containers on both sides of your entrance and exit. If you have an office on the top floor, consider adding a window box or pot on a raised balcony or walkway. In open rest areas or public spaces, add benches with integrated planters to offer your visitors and staff a living place to gain fresh air. Mix and match the size and shape of the container to create an attractive visual landscape. However, the real miracle comes in choosing your type of plant.

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Choosing Plants

The perfect plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers for your exterior container will receive winter weather in your location. In more temperate regions of the southern United States, you have many choices for plant species that will brighten the cooler months. Although some may require extra care, you can choose colorful and warm species in various sizes and shapes. Even if your business is in a cold and snowy climate, many types of plants will develop in the outside environment.

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