How To Waterproof Outdoor Storage A Dry Storage Area Underneath

Extra Large Waterproof Outdoor Storage

Waterproof Outdoor Storage – A common problem faced by many homeowners with the second tier deck is how to effectively hold the deck so they can get a dry storage area underneath. There are a number of alternatives that can be considered, although most are not really DIY tasks, but need to be done by professional contractors.

Roll the Vinyl Membrane

Perhaps one of the most common methods of waterproof outdoor storage is to put a kind of waterproof membrane on the surface. Perhaps the longest established membrane system has rolled vinyl sheets which may usually have a heavy duty polyester fabric core to provide protection against puncture and tearing. These products are supply by Duradek, Weatherdek, DeckRite, DecTec, and others. These products are usually installed by professional contractors, but it is possible for homeowners to install their own membranes if they have experience. Such products usually come with patterned surfaces and in different colors and textures. Of course with this type of membrane, you cannot maintain the appearance of real wood from the deck.

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Special Deck Coating

A number of high-tech coating systems are available which generally involve. The application of a different set of mantles and are thus usually apply by professional applicators. Examples of these coatings include the Versa-Deck series of reinforced fiberglass and acrylic resin coatings as well as a variety of Metacrylics acrylic and polyester fabric coatings. Such coatings are again available in different colors. But this coating can only be apply on a continuous solid surface such as marine grade plywood. So if you don’t have a deck with a plywood surface, then you have the additional cost of installing this surface too.

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Aluminum Mounting

In this case, long interlocking aluminum decking profiles are installed on the deck. Usually, this type of decking will replace the original wood board on your deck, so it requires additional costs and works to destroy parts of the existing structure. The channel at the bottom of the profile drains water to the edge of the deck. Such products are available from for example. Dry Key. Various color choices available. One thing to note with aluminum decking is that it can be very hot underfoot in mid-summer and can be a bit noisy when walking over rather than for example. You are wood or vinyl.

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Vinyl Decking

Similar to the method for aluminum products above, vinyl decking boards are specifically profiled with interlocking systems such as the available Gorilla Deck range which is claimed to provide a watertight surface under the decking. Again, the type of decking will usually replace the real wood board on your deck. Usually, vinyl materials come in a number of different colors and are textured. Compared to aluminum, vinyl decking tends to remain relatively cold under the feet even in the hottest weather.

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