How To Make Canopy Bed

Big Canopy Bed

Tulle is a clean fabric that looks like nice netting. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your room’s décor. Decorating with tulle on a canopy bed adds a whimsical, romantic touch to the room, reminiscent of a saga-like environment. Use one or all of the methods of tulle decoration to create a custom canopy bed fit for a princess.


Create tulle curtains that hang along the length of the canopy. Measure the height from the floor up to the cherry bar, as well as the length to determine the size of the fabric that you need. Cut two pieces of fabric for each side. Attach curtain clips to canopy rods and cut tulle into place. Drag the curtains to either side or close them, depending on your wishes. Make a blanket drapery that goes along the top of the platform canopy bed. Cut long, thin pieces of tulle and weave pieces in and out in a long pattern around the bars. Repeat the process with different colors of tulle for a fuller, more colorful effect.
Tie a tulle roast on every poster of canopy bed for a simplified decorative touch. Cover entire posters from top to bottom in tulle bands for a larger effect. Alternative colors or use the same color throughout. Create a drapery from the tulle to create a clean cover for a four-poster bed. Obtain measurements of the length and width of the sunroof frame and cut a piece of tulle that is – at minimum – several meters larger. Create another four strips of tulle to offer a way to secure big puzzle pieces in place. Place the garment cloth on top of the roof rack and secure by collecting excess fabric around each poster and tie a rosette around it from a fabric strip.
Use the drill to create two holes in the ceiling for the cup hooks that will hold the chain for the second curtain rod. Put the drywall anchors into the holes and screw the hooks in. Remove the end of the remaining curtain rod and push the rod to the end link for both pieces of the chain. Replace the end piece and hang the curtain rod from the cup hooks using the chain. Edges unfinished edges of the fabric. Wrap the fabric over curtain bars, which drapes in the middle. When choosing a fabric, look for one that looks good from both sides. Many drapery fabrics have no “right” side.

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