How To Build Compact Desk Furniture

L Shaped Bedroom Compact Desk Study

Built-in compact desk are usually mounted directly in a gap between two perpendicular walls or between other built-in storage wood furniture. This compact design allows people to use space on the floor of a room, while still enjoying a functional desk where work can be done and bills can be paid. The construction of an integrated desk requires a little preparation related to the assembly safely so you can bear the weight you are responsible for putting in it. Measure the width of the area where you want to install the integrated desktop using a tape measure. It also measures how far from the wall you are willing to have the table extend into the room. Write these measurements below. Place the sheets of 1-inch plywood on the floor or a large table.
Use a pencil, tape measure and the square ruler to draw a compact desk with storage support frame. Draw two rectangles measuring the total width measurement by 2 inches deep. Draw one of two additional forms of measurement 2 inches deep by the total depth of the desk will protrude into the room, minus 2 inches from this last measurement. Prepare a fifth rectangle, which will be ironed from the surface of the table. By drawing a large rectangle that measures the exact width and depth you noted in step 1. Turn on a circular saw and cut the five pieces of wood you just drew. Turn off the saw. Sand the sides and edges of the five panels to remove the chips. Take the two “wide” panels and place them on their sides. Take the two “depth” panels and do the same.
Place the two panels deep in the middle and perpendicular to the wide panels to create a rectangular table frame. Attach them in the corners using a hammer and long nails 1 1/2 inches. Place the level on the top of the frame when you connect the corners to make sure they are still. Place the surface of the table on top of the frame. Line up so that all sides are even with the surface. Hammer nails 1 1/2-inch down through the top surface of the perimeter of the table at 1-inch intervals and down into the spaces below. So that the surface is firmly connecting to the wooden small desk structure. Use an electric sander to remove the nail heads so the surface of the table is perfectly smooth. Locate wall studs using a beam detector if you are mounting the desk directly to the wall.

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