How Can I Cover A Large Outdoor Globe Lights With A Lampshade

Solar String Light

Outdoor globe lights – If you are going to celebrate your wedding at night you need to give light to your space. There is no better option to light up your outdoor wedding than to fill it with balloons of light. The globes of light are captivating and are perfect to create a romantic and personal atmosphere. Surprise wedding guests with balloons that radiate light. It is difficult to come up with different and original decorative proposals for weddings. It seems that everything has been done before and that nothing surprises anymore. However, the balloons of light at weddings never fail to impress the guests.

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The outdoor electric string lights are ideal for events and parties that take place at night and outdoors. Of course, weddings could not be less. Imagine the sky in complete darkness lit only by the flash of light from these globe lights. The scene cannot be more romantic! What are you waiting for to incorporate this decoration to your wedding? A wedding should be special and unique. And this you will only achieve if you personalize it with very singular details. Such as the light balloons that, later, the guests will remember fondly.

Surround yourself with your family on your wedding day and share this special moment with them. Dome lamps are a common supplement to modern homes. The globe surrounding the bulb is typically made of frosted glass, so it acts as a shadow itself. However, a lampshade can made to fit around a globe light to help suit the interior of a home or provide additional light blockage. With a few simple supplies and 10 minutes you can make a lampshade to cover a large globe light. You need large lampshade, hot glue gun, thick wire and wire cutters.

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Cover a large globe string lights with a lampshade starting with wrap the wire around the world. The light in a spiral pattern starts at the thickest point in the world. The wire spiral around the light three to four times. Second, remove the spiral of wire from the world light. And cut the end of the wire on top of the coil leaving a 2 inch tail to wrap around the lampshade. Third, put a spiral of wire inside the lampshade, poking the tail out of the top near the metal stand that screws the lampshade on a lamp. Fourth, fold the cord tail around the middle of the metal stand; fasten the cord to the lampshade. Cut any extra cord from the tail. Last, mount wire spiral on globe light so it holds the lampshade on globe light. Your world light lampshade is done.

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