Glass Console Table: Solid Security

Luxury Glass Console Table

Glass console table – Glass is a passe-partout material. able to adapt to a myriad of different environments. And endowed with a minimalistic soul with a timeless charm. This is why a glass console is an almost always successful choice. With one of these elegant design accessories, in fact, you can go “without fail”, infusing your rooms with a touch of discrete and nonchalant style, without ever risking exaggeration or overdoing it.

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In spite of what many may think, a glass console table is an extremely safe piece of furniture. Most of the models currently on the market, in fact, are made of tempered glass. Because of its remarkable solidity, the latter is used for the construction of architectural elements without a supporting structure. So called “all glass” like doors and large windows.

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It is no coincidence, then, that tempered glass is also known as “safety glass”. Due to its tendency, if subjected to particularly violent shocks, to break into small blunt pieces of little danger. For these reason parents of very children little ones can really relax peacefully with the glass console table. For even greater safety, you can opt for a curved glass console, totally free of edges and able to monopolize the attention with its refined sinuous design.

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