Demilune Half Moon Console Table

Half Moon Console Table With Drawer

Half moon console table – Demilune is a word borrowed from French literally meaning “half-moon.” Although it has been used to describe many things crescent-shaped, from handbags to microbes to elements of fortification architecture, demilune also applies to furniture with crescent design elements. These half moon console tables are thus generally smaller, with half-round table tops and a flat backside.

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It is common that the front spoiler should also be semi-spherical, following the contour of demolish design. Some designs incorporate a curved storage range of variable length. A half moon console table usually has three to four legs. Two are placed on each side of the table while further legs line spaced equally apart from each other on the arc. A third stage would be found in the middle of the arc, for example. The crescent shape of a half moon console table can be a regular or stylized half circle.

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Some half moon console table are designed with a flip top and pull out the support, allowing the table to open into a full circle if pulled away from the wall. Stylized demilunes could have edges hidden by foliage, rolls or other design elements. When looking for a demilune table to highlight your home, consider both style and construction. Has decided demilune design complement existing furnishings? Is it too delicate, or too fat? Does it suit your style? Will it need to be touched, restrained or painted?

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