Contemporary Bathroom Vanity With A Granite Worktop

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Elegant

Contemporary bathroom vanity – Granite bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. They can be installed on all vanity and can contribute to the natural beauty of the toilet. One of the advantages of a stone vanity top, such as granite, is the ability to use an undercount sink. Undercount sinks not only give vanity a more streamlined look, they can also help keep the disk clean. To install a granite counter on your vanity, install the sink first.

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Measure area where the contemporary bathroom vanity will be installed and find the center line for the drain. The drain should be placed in the middle or middle of vanity, so when measuring the area, divide this measurement into two and mark exactly the middle of the wall. This allows you to place vanity properly. Keep in mind that the granite countertop will hang vanity with half inches on each side. If you install vanity next to a wall and it has a filler strip or thin piece of wood to fill the gap between vanity and the wall, you can cut the filler strip with a band saw to fill the area under the overhang.

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Place vanity on the wall. Make sure that the back is accessible to the drain pipe and water supply. If necessary, use a hand-held jigsaw to cut out holes for plumbing. Press the saw in a circle large enough for these pieces to fit through. Do not worry about making the circles the same size as plumbing will cover them. Turn the granite countertop up and down and install the contemporary bathroom vanity. Use an Allen key to remove the top of the crane, and then push the crane stems through the holes. Replace the crane tops and tighten them with hex wrench.

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