Beautiful Marble Desk Top

White Marble Top Desk

Marble desk – Marble is one of those noble materials in my humble opinion and very undervalued. So today I come to claim with facts that are not other stylish interiors and elegant . We should put more marble in our lives. And certainly not throw away the one we have. Ideas to decorate with marble , almost all of them in light tones, from white to gray. I start with a collage with decorative objects. And I continue with some pictures that will surely make you see it with different eyes. I love marble and I think it’s been completely underrated for a long time. Probably it still is not appreciated. As I still get some mails asking me how to get rid of some marble tops of antique pieces of furniture.
I always wonder why. But I think that it’s just due to the lack of beautiful, stylish interiors who can inspire us to see all its potential. If you have the possibility of getting a piece of marble desk that is not too big for free or at a good price. We have a great idea of ​​something you can do with it. It is, in principle, an auxiliary table for the living room. Although it can also serve as a bedside table. And in general you can place the table in the area of ​​the house that suits you. A table of homemade manufacture but with an elegant finish. And of tendency thanks to the marble in its surface and the combination with the wood.
For the base you will need a support of those that are usually used to place suitcases . It is usually quite resistant for the purpose for which it is manufacture. And therefore will be perfect to support the marble desk and for the purpose of our project. With the piece of marble and a powerful adhesive you will have your table ready in a few minutes. It is about placing the adhesive on the top of the support and fixing the piece of marble on it. Waiting for the time recommended by the manufacturer so that the adhesive dries well and our table is secure. Then we just have to place it in the place we have thought for it . And we can complete it with a lamp, a plant, some books or whatever we want to support in it.

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